Everyone wants to make their own brand as valuable and desirable as Apple, Audi or Adidas.

But successful brands aren’t a matter of the industry or the product, but of the brand owner’s attitude.

The brand is not just a logo or marketing

Brand management means a comprehensive approach

The brand is derived from the company’s vision and identity. Brand management is company management, and so affects all areas of the enterprise. Brand strategy and business strategy are inseparable, and
brands must be built up over the long term.

The brand must be a personal priority of the CEO.

Expertise from the outside to grow stronger on the inside

ma®kenkind advises company leadership on the development and management of their brand.


Vanessa Schmoranzer

Brand Leadership Consultant | Brand Coach

Degrees in business communications (GWK) and marketing (NIMA-A/B)
Mediator and coach (European University Association / FU Berlin)
18 years professional experience, 15 of them in leading positions
Brand work with well-known agencies and on the client side (startups/SMEs/large corporations)
Founded ma®kenkind: 1.2009
Former National Field Hockey Team player, competed in the 1996 Olympics

Brand expertise
meets experience

ma®kenkind has developed a program for effective brand development and management

Brand Leadership Programm
The Brand Leadership Program facilitates the development of comprehensive, intelligent brand performance.

Components of the Brand Leadership Program

Strategy Level Consulting / Creation

Brand Leadership Consulting advises on the strategic and creative development of brands and brand content.

Management Level Coaching / Expertise

Brand Coaching helps companies establish new brand management processes and expertise.

Services are adapted to the needs

Core content

  • Initiating and leading strategic brand building
  • Implementation and brand management into the company

Core tasks

  • Strategic Brand Consulting
  • Supervision and mentoring of strategic and operative brand processes
  • Brand training, presentations and workshops
  • Guidance of the CI/CD process and creative direction
  • Supervision of service providers
  • Interim management in leading positions
    (Head of Branding / Marketing Director)

Big ideas don’t just need wings, they also need landing gear.

Neil Armstrong

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